Financial Self Care Project

We’re proud to partner with First Nations Foundation (FNF) on their exciting new project, the Financial Self Care Project, empowering Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women across Victoria and nationally to build financial resilience. This project is part of the Women’s Financial Capabilities Project, and is funded by the Victorian Government.

Between 2021 and 2023 First Nations Foundation will continue to develop culturally relevant resources and education for and by First Nations women, including:

Many of these resources will be available on First Nations Foundation’s Tomorrow Money website.

My Money Dream Masterclass 

FNF has adapted their financial literacy program, My Money Dream, into a highly interactive workshop-style format. The Masterclass explores financial principles, the history of the economy from the Indigenous context, and SMART goal setting to help each participant visualise a prosperous financial future. It will be delivered over Zoom due to COVID-19, but will become a blended model of face-t0-face and online. The webinar delivery allows women to participate anonymously, if they prefer.

Indigenous women’s financial self care content and resources

FNF have created a 10 part email series for the Indigenous Women’s Financial Wellbeing network and female participants of the Money Dream Masterclass. The series will support women to commit to their financial wellness journey through bite-sized content, micro-committments and case studies from the lived experiences of other women in the community. Resources from the series will also available at www.tomorrowmoney.co/women.

Fireside chat video series 

FNF has developed a suite of culturally appropriate financial wellness videos where Indigenous women with experiences across financial services,
financial counselling, health, community and small business share their stories, with the hope that this will empower other women to create the financial future they want for themselves and their family. The ‘fireside chat’ video series explores topics which help women build financial independence and think of their financial future as part of their overall wellbeing, including: opening a bank account, savings, women and super, eliminating debt and money in healthy relationships, identifying financial abuse, and looking after family. The videos will be available on www.tomorrowmoney.co/women.

For more information about the Indigenous Women’s Financial Wellness strategy or FNF’s partnership with WIRE, contact Larisha Jerome via email at larisha.jerome@fnf.org.au.


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