First Nations Women Financial Wellness Project

We’re proud to partner with First Nations Foundation (FNF) on the Financial Wellness Project, empowering Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women across Victoria and nationally to build financial resilience. This project is part of the Women’s Financial Capabilities Project, and is funded by the Victorian Government.

First Nations Foundation has developed culturally relevant resources and education for and by First Nations women. These resources are available on First Nations Foundation’s Tomorrow Money website.

Indigenous women’s financial self care and wellbeing

Financial wellness and self-care are intrinsically connected to spiritual, physical, and cultural wellbeing, which is why trauma-informed financial education is so important for First Nations people in breaking down intergenerational financial disadvantages.

My Money Dream: Financial Education for and by First Nations People

My Money Dream is the world’s first online financial education program created by Indigenous people, for Indigenous people. 

In this video Jarowair, Wakka Wakka & Wulli Wulli woman Larisha Jerome explains what the program covers and the tools available to financial counselling professionals and First Nations clients. 

The award-winning program has been validated by community and industry.

This online training can bring critical money skills to Indigenous Australians in urban, regional and remote communities nationwide. Resources cover topics including:

  • financial wellness
  • eliminating debt and reducing bills
  • careers
  • scams
  • home ownership, and
  • beating humbug,  

Resources from the series are also available at www.tomorrowmoney.co/women

Intersectionality and Allyship in Women’s Financial Capability and the Financial Services Sector

Larisha talks with practice-based scholar Dr. Nilmini Fernando about intersectionality in the financial capability services sector. What does it look like, why it is important, and how can it be done well?

Read the ‘Lens On, Hands On’ guide for more information on how to use an intersectional lens in developing financial capability programs.

Fireside Chat Video Series

FNF has developed a suite of culturally appropriate financial wellness videos where Indigenous women with experiences across financial services, financial counselling, health, community and small business share their stories, with the hope that this will empower other women to create the financial future they want for themselves and their family.

The ‘fireside chat’ video series explores topics which help women build financial independence and think of their financial future as part of their overall wellbeing, including: opening a bank account, savings, women and super, eliminating debt and money in healthy relationships, identifying financial abuse, and looking after family.

The videos are available on www.tomorrowmoney.co/women.

The Indigenous Women’s Financial Wellness Project was developed by the First Nations Foundation in partnership with WIRE. This project is part of the Women’s Financial Capabilities Project, funded by the Victorian Government.

For more information about the Indigenous Women’s Financial Wellness strategy or FNF’s partnership with WIRE, contact Larisha Jerome via email at larisha.jerome@fnf.org.au.

To access all of the FNF resources, visit the Tomorrow Money website https://tomorrowmoney.co/


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