We have more than 25 staff, but these are the key contacts you may need:


Jade Blakkarly (she/her) ceo@wire.org.au

Manager, Operations

Elena Ashley (she/her) eashley@wire.org.au

Manager, Development & Partnerships

Mahsa Hajjari (she/her) mhajjari@wire.org.au

Manager, Community

Pai Rittichai (she/her) prittichai@wire.org.au

Community Engagement Lead

Aiala Morales (she/her) amorales@wire.org.au

Social Enterprise and Training 


Money Mindset (Multicultural Financial Capability) project

Pai Rittichai (she/her) prittichai@wire.org.au

WIRE Information Centre

support@wire.org.au  1300 134 130

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