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WIRE is renowned for its professional development training on dealing with difficult calls and interactions, family violence and financial abuse.


Our professional development training draws on WIRE’s extensive expertise, research and experience in supporting women, non-binary and gender diverse people. We bring together the theoretical and the practical, so participants can use what they’ve learnt in the real world.


We offer specialised professional development training to organisations in all industries including:

  • phone-based workers, customer service and all external facing industries
  • frontline workers, managers and business leaders in all industry sectors
  • professionals from local authorities, the financial sector, money/debt advice services, insurance services, real estate agencies and the housing sector

Our key training programs include:

WIRE’s training was done in such a respectful way. It was very important that WIRE was not ‘telling’ us what to do and how we ‘must’ manage our customers. Instead, WIRE provided us with loads of information on the background and stats, and some best practice tips and principles to think about when helping our customers experiencing financial abuse.

– Major utilities organisation that participated in WIRE’s Financial Abuse Training

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In-house training advantages

Cost effective and efficient use of resources:

Competing demands on staff time and limited professional development budgets mean in-house training is an effective and efficient way to provide professional development to staff. Reduced or no travel time for your staff means that you can provide valuable training without removing them from their day-to-day work for longer than they have to be.

Content tailored to meet your needs:

How often have you heard people say the training was good but not that relevant? Tailored in-house training enables you to target the specific training needs of your staff.

Team building:

Busy and demanding work schedules often lead to staff missing out on building relationships with colleagues and working as a team. In-house training enables staff to engage in mutual problem-solving, learning together and sharing wisdom.

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WIRE’s professional development training is renowned in the community services sector


We deliver all of our professional development courses both online and in person. Our online training is an interactive and collaborative e-learning experience facilitated by two expert trainers. The session  includes group discussion and exercises in online break-out groups.


WIRE is a recognised leading expert in women’s financial wellbeing and financial abuse. Our courses are based on collective experience, research and evidence-informed training principles, bringing together the theoretical and the practical to create a safe and transformative learning space.


For over 12 years, WIRE has consulted and delivered training to Victorian organisations, including customer service and community services professional development training. We’ve trained thousands of professionals from a range of different sectors: from customer service staff at banks and telecommunications services, to Family Violence champions in the community sector. Some of our clients include National Australia Bank, Australian Services Union, Aussie Broadband, Alfred Health and Victorian Legal Aid.


We offer specialised training on financial abuse, dealing with difficult calls and understanding family violence. We can also tailor course outlines to meet the specific needs of your organisation. For any queries or requests, please contact the training team at consultancyservices@wire.org.au


If you have access requirements for any training sessions please let us know – consultancyservices@wire.org.au

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We're grateful to our partners and project funders, program supporters and partners, and other sponsors for their continuing support of our work with women, non-binary and gender diverse people in Victoria.

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