Welcoming WIRE’s new CEO – Jade Blakkarly

We are delighted to finally share the outcome of our extensive CEO recruitment process. We welcome Jade Blakkarly to WIRE as our new CEO!

Jade will commence at WIRE on Wednesday 13 July, bringing her wealth of experience in strategic leadership, operations and system design, policy and program innovation, as well as a background in social work. Jade has worked across the community sector and government in the areas of family violence, homelessness, health, justice, alcohol and other drugs and Aboriginal health. As a result she works strategically across different environments, draws on multi-faceted approaches and adapts to both well-established and new solutions.

As a collaborator and lover of complex social problems, Jade is always seeking creative ways of effecting change. “I am really excited to be joining WIRE and working together to build on the amazing history and strength of such a well-respected and innovative organisation,” says Jade. “The creativity, responsiveness and passion so evident in WIRE’s people and its work is something I am looking forward to being part of.”

A huge thanks to WIRE’s Board, the management team and the whole recruitment panel for their expertise, dedication and collective leadership in ensuring a smooth transition, especially during the 9-week interval since Julie’s departure and Jade’s commencement.

We’d also like to thank all our members, partners and advocates for your continuing support of WIRE while we move forward with exciting changes for the organisation.

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