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If you would like any further information about WIRE’s services and how you might access support at WIRE, you can reach us via email at support@wire.org.au or call our Support Centre admin line on 03 8326 7100.  

WIRE is committed to providing support services to all women, non-binary and gender diverse people across Victoria. As part of that commitment, we provide a variety of options and pathways for people with additional access requirements.

Opening hours:

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Monday to Friday: 9am – 5pm

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After hours phone or zoom support – by appointment only.
Monday to Thursday from 5pm to 7pm.
You can book an appointment via calendly.

Support Centre:

Monday to Friday between 9am – 5pm

Rights and Responsibilities:

It is important to be informed about your rights and feel empowered to voice concerns if they are not met. Please find WIRE’s Service User Rights & Responsibilities here.

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Access our free resources and articles below, or choose a category that best suits your needs.

Family violence

Family violence is a significant human rights issue in Victoria. Everyone has a right to safety in homes, schools, at work and on the streets.

Legal advice

Legal matters are often complex, time-consuming and can drain your energy and money. WIRE can help you identify pathways to legal support and ways that you can support yourself whilst working through legal matters.

Financial wellness

With deep expertise in financial wellness, WIRE offers free financial information, training and guidance.


Women, non-binary and gender diverse people often talk to us about relationship issues they may be experiencing; WIRE provides support and information so people can make decisions about what course of action is right for them.


Having a safe, secure place to live is one of the most basic human rights. WIRE’s housing resources aim to help women, nonbinary and gender-diverse people in Victoria understand and better navigate the housing system.


People move countries for all sorts of reasons. WIRE can offer support for women, nonbinary and gender-diverse people experiencing isolation, visa stress, racism and more.

Health & wellbeing

Audre Lorde said self-care was a radical act, an act of radical self-preservation — you can't pour from an empty vessel. Self-care is an important part of living well. Explore this section for information on emotional and mental health well-being.

Parenting & families

WIRE can talk to you about pregnancy, family planning, abortion, parenting orders and the day-to-day experience of raising toddlers, primary-aged kids and teenagers. We can also discuss adolescent violence.


Support and referrals to connect with relevant workshops and networks for developing a career pathway and obtaining work experience.

Gender & sexuality

Gender Identity and sexuality can be taboo issues. WIRE can support people to find information, support and referrals as well as direct people to appropriate LBGTIQ+ services.

Free information seminars and clinics

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