Financial abuse professional development training

How common is financial abuse in Australia? What is financial abuse and how should you respond?


As experts in understanding financial abuse, WIRE’s bespoke financial hardship training will provide you with a deep understanding of how to recognise different types of financial abuse and how to appropriately respond. You and your team will learn how to contribute to the long-term economic safety of victim-survivors—a crucial component of professional development in customer services.


This financial abuse training course is for professionals from the financial sector, money/debt advice services, local authorities, insurance services, real estate agencies and the housing sector, customer services and the community services sector.


  • The key drivers of family violence
  • Who experiences family violence in Australia?
  • Recognising different types of financial abuse
  • How to respond to the impact of financial abuse on the victim-survivor
  • Understanding how your work can minimise harm and make a difference to victim-survivors and their long-term economic safety
  • How creating economic stability and independence underpins physical safety
  • The difference between economic abuse and financial abuse
  • What you can do to be part of the change


Online: 3-hour interactive training session via ZOOM. Sessions capped at 25 participants.


We can deliver this training in a private session for your organisation and tailor some of the content to meet your specific requirements.

For more information on our tailored packages, please contact us at consultancyservices@wire.org.au


WIRE’s training was done in such a respectful way. It was very important that WIRE was not ‘telling’ us what to do and how we ‘must’ manage our customers. Instead, WIRE provided us with loads of information on the background and stats, and some best practice tips and principles to think about when helping our customers experiencing financial abuse.

– Major utilities organisation that participated in WIRE’s Financial Abuse Training

Where can I book upcoming training?

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For more information about financial abuse training, please contact us at consultancyservices@wire.org.au.

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