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For many women, achieving financial independence and maintaining a reasonable standard of living can be a concern, as women generally earn less than men.

Despite experience with household budgets, women can still doubt their ability to manage money, and have trouble finding trusted, independent financial information.

Women of all ages and backgrounds can be uncomfortable talking about money with a new partner. This lack of communication can entrench stereotypes of men being the financial provider and decision maker – leaving women vulnerable to financial abuse and loss of financial control over their life.

WIRE’s 2015 research project ‘Strong Beginnings: Financial Equals’ and WIRE’s critically acclaimed financial abuse research revealed that significant barriers exist for women when they talk to their partners about finances, and that these barriers include structures that perpetuate gender inequality. Financial literacy resources that are currently available do not take into account these power dynamics, nor do they acknowledge the complex relationship between money and gender.

We know that sexist stereotypes and financial inequality can prevent women and their partners engaging with each other as equals on financial issues.


The Women Talk Money website explores ways for women to discuss finances in their relationships and ensure they know their rights, with topics on:

Women Talk Money is a resource created by WIRE. Kindly funded by Financial Literacy Australia.

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