Give for Change Day - 26th of May 2022

During Domestic and Family Violence Prevention month in May, WIRE will be running Give for Change Day on Thursday 26th May—a 24-hour fundraiser to support the important work we do with women, non-binary and gender diverse people.

At WIRE, we work alongside individuals, communities and wider social structures to create real, structural change from the ground up – listening to thousands of stories of resilience and strength from people experiencing family violence and discrimination in all forms.

Through our telephone support line, walk-in centre and online support delivered by specially-trained support workers and volunteers, we deeply listen and provide possible options and pathways, so that each person can choose the right solution for their social, psychological and financial wellbeing. It is through this service delivery and the direct work with the community that informs our advocacy efforts with an aim to tackle the systemic, structural and cultural elements of gender inequity and oppression. Together we find solutions and create positive change by identifying and dismantling the systems that harm.

Every dollar donated on the 26th of May will be DOUBLED!

WIRE’s Give for Change Day is an opportunity for you to be part of the real change in eliminating family violence and discrimination in our communities, so all people can thrive.

Find out more and donate on Give for Change Day!

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