Dealing with Difficult Calls training

Are you a phone-based worker? Do you work on reception? Does your organisation offer intake or response via telephone? Our Dealing with difficult calls training will help you develop the skills and knowledge needed to smoothly manage challenging phone calls.


Our specialised phone line support training, which covers crisis management, is for professionals who want to develop their skills in how to deal with difficult calls. This includes dealing with aggressive customers and responding to callers who have difficulty communicating.


It’s for anyone who’s dealing with difficult interactions in their job, including phone-based workers, including phone intake and response, reception staff, call centre and customer service workers, social workers and any professionals who are the first point of contact for service users and customers. 



  • What creates a challenging call
  • How to respond to crisis
  • How to develop rapport with clients
  • Establishing boundaries and managing callers’ expectations
  • Tips for working with angry, frustrated, distressed, discriminatory and repeat callers
  • Wrapping up calls professionally
  • Caring for yourself during and after a challenging call


Online: 3 hours interactive training on ZOOM platform

Face-to-face: 3.5 hours interactive training

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To learn more about our dealing with difficult calls training and tailored packages, including call centre training and social worker training programs, please contact us at consultancyservices@wire.org.au for more information.

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