Mythbusting misinformation for Victorian Women: WIRE booklets out now!

‘The process of separating and leaving a relationship is nearly always emotional, but can also involve complex legal decision-making. Where family violence is involved, decisions need to be made about both the woman and their children’s safety,’ says WIRE Chief Executive Officer, Julie Kun

12,908 women contacted WIRE women’s information this year for support and referrals. Many of these Victorian women needed support around decision making when faced with relationship breakdown and separation. There’s always a lot at stake, and the way forward can be a minefield of misinformation and myth.

With this in mind, WIRE has developed two new separation booklets for women, ‘Leaving a Relationship’ and ‘Separation and Property’ – and both are available now in hard copy and digital download from www.wire.org.au

‘The long-term impact of these publications is that women will have access to accurate, supportive and timely information that will improve their knowledge of separation options. Women contacting WIRE love the fact that they can take home simple, easy-to-read booklets that have the information they need, and can read when and where they want,’ says WIRE Chief Executive Officer, Julie Kun.

It is easy to be overwhelmed by the legal, housing, parenting, financial and emotional issues that are wrapped up in a relationship breakdown. These two booklets contain plain language explanations of legal terminology and procedures, plus handy checklists and support contacts that can be hard to locate when you’re in the thick of it. The aim is to dispel common myths around staying in a relationship, family breakdown, custody, property settlement, access to superannuation and other issues.

WIRE booklets ‘Leaving a Relationship’ and ‘Separation and Property’ cover the following:

  • How can married and de-facto couples legally separate?
  • Getting legal advice
  • What to do if your relationship involved family violence and child abuse?
  • What happens to the family home?
  • What is financial abuse?
  • Your property settlement options
  • How do I help my children understand what is happening?
  • Parenting options post-separation

You can download ‘Leaving a Relationship‘ or ‘Separation and Property’ or order a copy to be sent to you.


*This page was last updated in 2016. Please note that this page exists on the WIRE website for archival purposes. 


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