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Leaving a relationship - information booklets

WIRE's information booklet "Leaving a relationship", helps you understand some of the issues and topics you may need to address during this difficult time.

The breakdown of a marriage or leaving a relationship can be a long and traumatic process. So deciding to leave can be difficult, even in an amicable separation, as the separation process can be emotionally draining and time consuming.

You and your partner will have to decide on the future care of your children (if you have any), as well as how to divide your property, money, andbelongings and how to deal with joint debt. This can become emotionally and financially drawn-out, so it is important to be prepared.

Getting support and information about your rights and options as early as possible can help you increase your control over the situation, and enable you to realistically plan for your future.

WIRE's information booklet: Leaving a relationship helps you understand:

  • Should I stay with my partner or leave?
  • What is family violence?
  • What is child abuse?
  • What if I fear for my child's safety?
  • Getting my finances in order
  • Finding a new place to stay
  • Helping my children understand and cope with separation
  • My options regarding my children's care
  • Getting legal advice
  • Getting support

Kindly funded by Victoria Law Foundation.

WIRE disclaimer: This publication is intended as a guide only. Readers should not act on the basis of any material in this publication without getting legal advice about their own specific situation first. WIRE expressly disclaims any liability to any person that relies on the contents of this publication.

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