Annual report 2022

The theme of our 2022 annual report is reimagining community and connection.


This theme focuses on the rethinking and renewal as a community and as an organisation after two years of pandemic.

“This past year, we were reminded of the importance of coming together in new and creative ways, of standing with and for each other and of the importance of acknowledging that while we are all in the same storm, we are not all in the same boat… As we, and our communities, have emerged from the ‘crisis’ into the ‘new normal’ some of us slowly and hesitantly, some rushing in head first seeking normality, we have all learnt that it is not about going back to what we had. Now the question is, how do we build a new way of connecting, of working, of supporting, of advocating that holds onto the strengths of what was, incorporates the lessons of the crisis, and moves us closer to the world we are striving for?” – Jade Blakkarly, WIRE CEO

Annural repiort front cover has bright interlocked circles on a navy blue background

In a world that values hierarchy, productivity, and competition; a space for connection, solidarity and respect is an essential part of what we provide.As we reimagine community and connection, WIRE is guided by principles that bring warmth, humanity, and dignity to every person we reach.” – Jessica Stott, Service Delivery Manager

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