WIRE’s Financial Wellbeing Coaching

Every day, we make financial choices that can affect our emotional and mental wellbeing. At WIRE, we recognise that these choices are reflective of our systems and services available impacting on your choices, which can sometimes feel overwhelming or complicated. WIRE’s Financial Wellbeing coaching program aims to help you navigate the complex world of money with more confidence by acknowledging both systemic issues and individual capacity. Our coaching focuses on all aspects of money, not just on what you earn, save, or spend. 

At WIRE, we have 15 years’ experience of working with women and gender diverse people’s build their financial capabilities. We have been able to strengthen our knowledge from our projects, including SARA, Women + Money, Gender Disaster and Financial Wellbeing, Financial Self Care and Intersectional Financial Wellbeing. Throughout this time, we have come to recognise the significant impacts that financial wellbeing and literacy can have on multiple facets of life, including mental, emotional, physical, and social health. Building confidence with finances, and gaining financial wellbeing and security can be a liberating experience that prepares you for a positive future with money.   

What is financial wellbeing?  

As defined by the Centre for Social Impact, financial wellbeing can be described as the state in which a person: 

  • Can meet expenses with some money left over; 
  • Is in control of their finances; 
  • Feels financially secure, now and in the future.  

Some of the strongest factors that influence financial wellbeing are financial capability, financial inclusion, social capital, and economic recourses (especially income).  

How does WIRE’s Financial Wellbeing Coaching program work?  

Designed to support and empower women and gender diverse people throughout their financial journey, WIRE’s Financial Wellbeing Coaching program offers 12 one-on-one sessions covering vital topics including taxes, navigating money conversations with confidence, understanding superannuation, and protecting against scams. Receive tailored, accurate, and relevant information from our coaches and embark on a path toward financial security over the 18-month program.   

What will I learn? 

This program aims to help you to gain a clearer understanding of what financial wellbeing means to you, and your personal financial wellbeing goals. You will also become familiar with useful skills, information, and recourses that may help alleviate the stress that can come with navigating finances, as well as tips on building helpful money habits to assist you in gaining financial independence.   

Who is this program for? 

  • Women and gender-diverse people 
  • Live in Wyndham City Council 
  • 18 years and above 
  • Basic English proficiency  

Whether you’re studying, a professional, recently separated, a single parent, or retiring, we can work together towards your financial goals.  

How much does it cost? 

This is a free coaching program provided to participants at no cost in order to help people build confidence and meet their financial goals.  

WIRE believes that financial wellbeing must be tackled from every angle — from working with the individual to build their financial knowledge and confidence, to changing culture and systems to remove barriers to financial wellbeing.   

If you are interested, email Aiala (she/her) for further information at amorales@wire.org.au 

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