WIRE responds to 2021 National Summit of Women's Safety

At WIRE, we recognise the incredible strength and courage of victim-survivors speaking out and shining a spotlight on gender-based violence. We are in a moment of national reckoning, but the Government’s Women’s Safety Summit did not meet this moment.

Working alongside many other Australian organisations, WIRE has endorsed this response demanding that the Government acts now to implement and resource systemic and structural change; to transform the systems, policies and structures that contribute to gender inequality and other structural inequalities that are drivers of violence.

WIRE CEO Julie Kun attended the two-day National Women’s Safety Summit and, like many others, she is disappointed that the Government did not agree to necessary, urgent action. As part of this official response, Julie says: “The new National Plan must formally embed the voices and knowledge of victim-survivors from a wide range of social locations. We need an ambitious and evidenced-informed national plan that challenges the gender inequity, racism, ableism, homophobia and other locations of discrimination that drives violence against women and hinders their access to support and recovery. We need investment in services from prevention to recovery. The Commonwealth Government is in a powerful position to drive and implement change. We can’t wait for another scandal, another death, another story that horrifies a nation. We need to be heard, we need action”.

It is clear that the summit is only two days in an ongoing struggle. WIRE stands in solidarity with the call for there to be a standalone National Plan for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women. We stand with victim-survivors of men’s violence.

To read more about the Safety Summit response click here: https://www.safetysummit.org.au/response

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