WIRE interview on 3CR Community Radio

WIRE’s community engagement lead, Aiala Morales, was recently interviewed on 3CR Community Radio about navigating the legal system, what supports are available and WIRE’s upcoming program linking people to various organisation. 

Listen to the recording to learn more about WIRE and the services we offer to Victorian women, non-binary and gender diverse people.

Our interview begins 45 minutes into the session.


You can attend our upcoming seminar professionally or personally by booking at https://www.wire.org.au/events/free-seminar-from-rights-to-support-knowing-how-to-navigate-the-legal-system/

Find Further information about our events including our professional development training at https://www.wire.org.au/calendar/

Need support? Call us on our phone support line on 1300 134 130, or reach out on live web chat or email support@wire.org.au

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