Strategic Plan 2019–2021

We are pleased to present the strategic plan for WIRE for the next three years.

WIRE’s strategic direction for the next three years

The next three-year period will be one of consolidating the progress we have made in tackling issues facing women, nonbinary and gender-diverse people and maximising our impact. We still have more to do in these important areas. We will listen to the lived experiences of the people who seek our help and those in the broader community to:

  • ensure our services best meet the needs of the people who seek our help and
  • ensure that our research, advocacy and programs make a positive difference for gender equity and social justice across the community.

WIRE’s vision

Our vision is of a just and inclusive society where all people can thrive.

a just and inclusive society where all people can thrive

WIRE’s values

  • WIRE is feminist, inclusive & bold
  • WIRE strives for social justice, empowerment & integrity

WIRE’s mission

At WIRE we work with women, nonbinary and gender-diverse people to address the issues they identify, assist them to make informed choices in their lives, and advocate for structural change to bring about gender equity and social justice

WIRE's mission, values and goals. The text to accompany this image is elsewhere on the page.

Our strategic goals


High-quality support and information services for women, nonbinary and gender-diverse people who seek our assistance.


Leadership in gender equity systemic change with a focus on financial well-being and changing community attitudes.


Advocacy and research of emerging issues drawing on the lived experience of the people we work with.


Build a strong, sustainable, capable organisation.

Success for WIRE

WIRE is focused on maximising its social impact and bringing about positive change in the lives of women, nonbinary and gender-diverse people. If we successfully deliver our Strategic Plan, we will have:

  • empowered women, nonbinary and gender-diverse people to feel informed about their rights, more confident to make decisions about their financial future and have greater control in their lives
  • amplified the lived experiences  of women, nonbinary and gender-diverse people to influence policies and make services and practices more responsive to the communities WIRE assists.
  • raised awareness about the causes and impacts of gender discrimination and financial abuse and influenced systemic change.
  • become a leading reference point for government and other key stakeholders on gender equity and financial well-being issues.
  • built a diverse range of sustainable and evidence-informed programs that create meaningful and measurable change to individuals, communities and social structures
  • challenged existing systems and structures to ensure that services are accessible, inclusive, non-discriminatory and responsive to diverse groups.
  • built long-term, positive and productive relationships with partners, members and donors.

Strategic Plan 2019–2021

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