SARA Financial Capability Training

As a result of the Royal Commission into Family Violence (Victoria) report, the Victorian government committed to supporting financial well-being programs that improve the level of knowledge and financial self-management skills for all Victorian women, with a focus on those affected by family violence.

The Skilled Aware Resourceful Active: Financial wellbeing training for women (SARA) course primarily focuses on the impact of financial abuse in family violence, but also addresses how structural gender inequality and economic insecurity contributes to the poverty of women and their level of financial capability. The course is funded through the Department of Education and Training and will be delivered through the Learn Local Network.

This course is open to any woman who wants to build their knowledge, skills and confidence around managing their money.  It is anticipated that some participants will have experienced family violence and / or financial abuse. Others might not know this about their situation when they commence the course, or they might not have been able to articulate it or disclose to anyone before.

Some participants may attend because they want to have more knowledge and skills to manage their finances, possibly because of changes in their relationship.  The course is also suitable for any woman already attending a Learn Local Centre, to increase their employability or capacity to engage in social enterprise.

We know that financial capability training can be difficult to engage in, but we also know that when delivered in a safe and supportive environment using a feminist, strength-based empowerment model, training like the SARA course is likely to have the greatest impact on a woman’s knowledge, skills and confidence to manage her own money.

For more information about SARA, please contact Julie Harper on jharper@wire.org.au.

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