Deputy Treasurer

WIRE is seeking applications for a Board Director with qualifications and expertise in accountancy and financial management to take on the role of Deputy Treasurer to support the Treasurer, who is a qualified and practising CPA.

WIRE (originally known as Women’s Information and Referral Exchange Inc) delivers services to respond to the needs of women, non-binary and gender diverse people.

Job description

WIRE is seeking applications for a Board Director with qualifications and expertise in accountancy and financial management to take on the role of Deputy Treasurer to support the Treasurer, who is a qualified and practising CPA.

WIRE is celebrating 40 years of operation. It has a new strategic plan and is looking to continue to deliver services and advocacy to achieve its vision of a just and inclusive society where all people can thrive.

About WIRE

WIRE is the only Victoria-wide free generalist information, support and referral service. As well, WIRE builds community and public gender equity capacity through advocacy, research, resource development, training and consultancy. For further information about WIRE, including programs, strategic plan and annual reports, see our website: www.wire.org.au.

WIRE’s principles underpin how we work as a team, the partnerships we form, and the way we research, design and deliver our programs. Our principles are:

  • Human rights and social justice
  • Courage and leadership
  • Intersectional feminism
  • Person-centred and responsive
  • Evidence and improvement
  • Sustainable and interdependent change
  • Transparent and accountable
  • Respectful collaboration and co-design
  • Curiosity and growth

About the Board

Our Board is collaborative and dynamic, with a strong, collective understanding of the strategic direction of WIRE. Board members have a range of skills, experiences, and knowledge, supporting informed decision making.

The role of the Board is to ensure that WIRE carries out its vision and achieves its strategic objectives practically, sustainably, ethically and in accordance with its constitution, relevant laws, regulations, and good governance practice.

The Board meets approximately six times per year, with a flexible mix of face-to-face and online meetings outside business hours. Board roles are voluntary positions with expenses reimbursed.

The Board and its committees’ responsibilities include:

  • Setting the strategic direction and monitoring the overall performance outcomes and workplace culture.
  • Overseeing financial statements (balance sheets and Profit & Loss), annual  audits, as well as  asset and risk management.
  • Appointing and monitoring the performance of the CEO.
  • Endorsing the annual report.
  • Operating in accordance with the financial, social and ethical objectives as set out in WIRE’s governance manual and policies.
  • Ensuring that WIRE’s internal and external practices including advocacy and campaigns are aligned with intersectional feminist priorities and objectives as set out in WIRE’s strategic plan.
  • Identifying and advising on sector trends, risks and opportunities.
  • Contribute to the preparation of Board papers and presentations, as required.
  • Participating in relevant sub-committees and working groups.

About the role

WIRE is seeking an individual with relevant qualifications and expertise in accountancy and/or financial management. Accountancy qualifications, skills and expertise are essential for the role. Previous experience in a similar role on a not-for-profit board is welcome but not essential.

This role will require membership of the Finance and Risk Committee (FaR). We will appoint the person as Deputy Treasurer to support WIRE’s existing Treasurer. The Treasurer is a voluntary Board position that leads the financial governance of WIRE, optimising its performance, and ensuring compliance with financial, legal and regulatory requirements.

The FaR offers guidance to the CEO in ensuring good fiscal planning and provides advice and recommendations to the Board to facilitate decision making for strategic financial and risk priorities.

All WIRE Directors have a demonstrated interest in the outcomes of WIRE’s work for women, non-binary and gender diverse people.

All women, non-binary and gender diverse people with skills and/or lived experience and skills relevant to the  role with a passion and /or interest in WIRE’s work are encouraged to apply.

Board members are elected for an initial period of three years.

Applications should be sent to bev@bkliger.com by Monday 21 August 2023.

Please contact Bev Kliger, Chair at or 0412 023 723 for any questions about the role.

WIRE welcomes applications from women, nonbinary and gender-diverse people, especially from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island communities, and people who are multilingual, are from culturally diverse communities, have disabilities, are neurodivergent or who identify as part of the LGBTIQA+ community.

WIRE acknowledges the skills and knowledge acquired through lived experience. This could include experiences of marginalisation and family violence. We would love to hear from people who are able to utilise the skills and knowledge they have gained on WIRE’s board.

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