Annual report 2023

The theme of our 2023 annual report is evolution.

This theme focuses on the Evolution.

“When I returned last year as CEO, on the surface WIRE looked a little different, but the longer I am here the more I see and feel how much the essence of WIRE has been carried by the thousands of women, non-binary and gender diverse people that have been part of this incredible journey so far…This year we undertook a survey of nearly 1000 people to better understand how the community sees the services we provide, what we could do better, and new opportunities to explore. From these valuable insights, we are now implementing extended hours of the information & support service, increasing our focus on engaging online, and exploring how to better reach more people across regional Victoria… I sincerely want to say a huge thank you to everyone who continues to be part of the WIRE community.” – Jade Blakkarly, WIRE CEO

Annual report front cover has white intertwining wire on an orange background

The one thing that has stayed constant at WIRE is the support phone line. When you contact the WIRE support line, a support worker actively listens and helps you to explore your options for support, referral and information services on any issue. We use an intersectional feminist framework which acknowledges the strength and resilience of the person calling. Our anonymous support service empowers and enables the person seeking support to make choices that work for them and self-advocate. People can contact the support service by phone, email, webchat or in person at the Walk-In Centre.

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