Women Talk Money

Women Talk Money is an online financial literacy resource that empowers women to have healthier conversations about money in their relationships.

Whether you’re just getting together, or are planning your retirement, Women Talk Money has information and strategies to help you have more productive financial conversations.

Talking to your partner about money can be difficult no matter what your financial position is. Money is a taboo topic in our society, so when you try to discuss it with your partner it can bring up a whole host of emotions that neither of you are prepared for. This can easily lead to stress, disagreements and fights, and you might start to avoid talking about it altogether. But how do you manage your money if you can’t even talk about it? Women Talk Money can help you get those conversations back on track.

WIRE’s 2015 research project ‘Strong Beginnings: Financial Equals’ provided the initial spark for this new online tool. It revealed that significant barriers exist for women when they talk to their partners about finances and that these barriers include gendered socialisation and institutional structures that perpetuate gender inequality. Financial literacy resources that are currently available do not take into account these power dynamics nor do they acknowledge the complex relationship between money and gender. Women Talk Money flips this script and tackles these issues head on.

Women Talk was funded by Financial Literacy Australia and launched in 2016.

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