How to have respectful conversations about money

The Respectful Relationships & Money Conversation Kit – a booklet and six short videos gives you the skills to talk about money with partners, family members, friends and service providers.

About the booklet

The booklet shares step-by-step tips guide to having a money conversation, including:

  • Tips for before, during and after the money conversation
  • How to recognise financial abuse
  • Tips for talking to services about money
  • Tips for talking to children about money

Download the Conversation Kit booklet

About the videos

The six short videos show examples of conversations about money in situations that many people find embarrassing or stressful. Many of the videos have a ‘Take 1 and Take 2’ format – these videos show two conversations for each situation. Take 1 is the conversation where people respond to each other with irritation or judgement and a lack of consideration for the other person’s situation. Take 2 shows a conversation about the same topic where both people acknowledge the challenges of the situation and talk about how to do things fairly.



Writer: Dr. Sophia Bilbrough
Videos Writer-Director: Dr. Sophia Bilbrough
Cinematography & Editing: Karen McMullan
Films Composer: Jess Hieser
Actors Lyn Backwell, Mark Desira, Melanie Dutton, Harlene Hercules, Zachary Kazepis, Babs McMillan, Mim Akosia Sabet, Sakshi Singh, Payal Tiwari.
Content Advisors: Anna Andersson, Zuleika Arashiro, Val Gordon, Julie Harper, Tyrell Heathcote, Mim, Elyse McInerney, Payal Tiwari, Eliza Venville

Download the Conversation Kit


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