My Money conversation kit


Please note: due to COVID, we are not posting materials at the moment and resources are only available online. You are welcome to download the free kit online. 

The kit includes:

  • My money organiser: a safe and handy place to record your financial information
  • My money guide: a short booklet on talking about money and where to find more information
  • A how-to booklet, including a checklist to help organise your financial life.

Download the kit here. This kit can help guide your clients to understand their current financial situation — and it’s useful for everyone, no matter what their stage of life. The first three steps of this kit are about understanding your current relationship with money (and what money has meant to you throughout your life) and gathering information about your finances.

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Once you have identified your current financial situation, you’ll feel more confident about working towards your financial goals. It may also highlight areas where you need more information or you have gaps in your understanding.

Along the way, you will identify areas which need improvement or prioritisation, as well as areas where you are already in control or succeeding.

Here’s what one woman had to say about the kit:

“This kit is gold for women like me, facing retirement and looking for financial empowerment.

With this kit, when change does happen, I will be better equipped to face my financial future no matter what other challenges I’m facing.” — Jenny, WIRE volunteer and workshop participant.

Please note: this item is print on demand and may take up to 14 days to arrive.