My Money Conversation Kit

Learn how to have the ‘money conversations’ that help you to take control of your money.

Our money lives are complicated and can quickly become difficult to manage. This kit is designed to equip you with a better understanding of your current financial situation and the skills to safely and confidently achieve greater financial wellbeing.

The kit includes:

  • My money organiser: a 36-page safe and handy place to put your financial information
  • My money guide: a 20-page booklet on talking about money and where to find more information
  • An 8-page how-to booklet, including a checklist to help organise your financial life.

Order one copy of the My Money kit for personal use

This kit is available for download only.

Download the kit

You can download a copy of the My Money Conversation Kit to print at home or at a library. The download is a zip file that consists of three files — the A4 My Money Organiser and two A5 booklets that should print out onto A4 paper. You will need to use a computer and archive extraction software to unpack the file (most computers have this built in). You won't be able to download the file on a mobile phone.

Download the kit now

When it comes to money, a good place to start is looking at your current financial situation. The first three steps of this kit are about understanding your current relationship with money (and what money has meant to you throughout your life) and gathering information about your finances.

Once you have identified your current financial situation, you’ll feel more confident about working towards your financial goals. It may also highlight areas where you need more information or you have gaps in your understanding.

Along the way, you will identify areas which need improvement or prioritisation, as well as areas where you are already in control or succeeding.

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