Lead for Change

Lead for Change is a primary prevention project which aims to change the community attitudes that underpin gendered violence, through everyday conversations.

Lead for Change is an intersectional and innovative prevention program harnessing the passion, power and location of every day leaders in our community to undertake successful transformative positive gender equity change conversations.

This program empowers community members to be active in addressing the epidemic of gendered violence, giving people the knowledge and skills to contribute to the solution.

Lead for Change utilises a framework that emphasises and prioritises emotional and psychological safety. It equips program participants with:

  • knowledge about gender equity and the drivers of gendered  violence
  • tools to engage safely in conversations that reinforces positive images of women and respectful relationships
  • practical and emotional support

For more information about the Lead for Change project, please contact Nithya Dorairaj ndorairaj@wire.org.au 

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