Lead for Change

Lead for Change is a primary prevention project which aims to change the community attitudes that underpin gendered violence, through everyday conversations.

WIRE in collaboration with adaptive leadership specialist Diana Renner has developed a training program for WIRE volunteers to become leaders of change by recognising and challenging the drivers of gendered violence.

Participants learn skills to have safe, respectful and effective conversations with people in their own communities which challenge the condoning of violence against women, promote women’s independence and decision making, challenge gender stereotypes and strengthen positive, respectful and equal relationships.

The diverse communities in which WIRE supporters live, work and play create broad reach for the change conversations with the aim of influencing people in the moveable middle to create new community standards for safety and gender equality, with the ultimate goal of ending gendered violence.

Conversations create change

WIRE's Conversation Kit is the first material to come out of the Lead for Change project and includes a guide to having transformative conversations about gender equity, a mythbusters guide and a self-care worksheet.

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For more information about the Lead for Change project, please contact communication@wire.org.au