Call for prevention to be at the centre of coercive control solutions following National Summit

WIRE has joined a coalition of family violence organisations and survivor advocates in Victoria calling for prevention to be at the heart of national solutions to coercive control — regardless of whether or not it is criminalised.
Coercive control does not manifest from nothing—it is a product of attitudes, entitlement and systems that enable the control to be perpetuated. It has a devastating impact on many victim-survivors of family violence. If we truly want to end coercive control, we cannot police our way out; we must change the attitudes, behaviours, sense of entitlement and systems that condone and support coercive control .
Criminalisation alone will not prevent coercive control as it is an inherently reactive approach. Primary prevention is the only way to reduce the overall prevalence of family violence.

Read the media release here:

Media Release – Placing Prevention at the Heart of Coercive Control Solutions

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