HYBRID. Online via Zoom and/or in person at Kathleen Syme Library September 19, 2023 12:00 pm

FREE LEGAL SEMINAR: Know Your Rights about Family Law and Immigration

Learn how to navigate family law, immigration and separating, with WIRE, Nicholes Family Lawyers and Women’s Legal.


Family lawyers Bec Dahl and Morgan Podesta speaking on family law, the legal impact of family violence, including child protection.

Women’s Legal social worker, Rachel and migration lawyer, Stephanie Vejar speaking on how to navigate VISA concerns and issues.

What you will learn:

When do difficulties in your relationship become family violence? What is family violence in the context of the Family Law Act, eg: what behaviour is considered family violence.

Legal options – including Intervention Orders, Child Protection and Australian Federal Police – Airport watch.

Visas – what are the different types of visa’s and what are your rights, including family violence provisions.

How to access help – including Department of Home Affairs, and how you can depart with dignity.

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