Kathleen Syme Library and Community Centre Friday, 1st December , 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm

16 Days of Activism Against Gender Based Violence, Black Panther Women

Film and Feminist Chats

Join us for popcorn, good chats and movies, at Kathleen Syme Library and Community Centre, on 1st of  December, 3-5pm.

WIRE’s Film and Feminist Chats is in collaboration with City of Melbourne Libraries and Community Centre.

For this session of Film and Feminist Chats, we are screening, Black Panther Women.

During our chats we shed light of the barriers within the system that people experience and ways we can advocate for change.

About: Black Panther Women

In 1972 Marlene joined the Black Panther movement in Australia. In this documentary she provides an insight of her experiences and challenges of the personal, to the political.

Watch promo video below:


Film maker Interview: (Black Panther Women describes the inequality of Black and Indigenous women, they speak about their experiences of violence. This documentary discusses topics of sexual abuse, addiction and family violence).

If you would like to speak further about any of the topics discussed throughout the documentary you can contact WIRE on 1300 134 130, Monday-Tuesday 9am-7pm and Wednesday – Friday 9:30am-4:30pm.

You can also call:

1800 Respect, on 1800 737 732 (24 hours, seven days a week)

Yarning Safe N Strong, on 1800 959 563 (24 hours, seven days a week)


Our Film and Feminist Chats is an opportunity for us to come together with shared values, to connect and to chat our thoughts and views about each film. We will provide beverages, tea and popcorn. Our programs are created by our community for our community to share and empower.

Film length, 52 minutes.

All women, non-binary and gender diverse people living in Victoria welcomed.

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