COVID-19, Financial Capability and Intersectionality Project

Funded by Ecstra Foundation, the COVID-19, Financial Capability and Intersectionality project uses an intersectional lens to increase the visibility and support to groups of women, non-binary and gender diverse people who have faced higher financial disadvantage during the pandemic, due to characteristics that place them in a marginalised position in relation to mainstream systems and policies.

We will work with:

  • migrant women of colour
  • temporary visa holders
  • women with disability from a culturally and linguistically background.

This  project challenges the usual approach to capacity building by inviting participants with lived experience to co-design tailored resources, and to suggest ways in which government and service providers can increase their own financial capability by understanding intersectionality. We will:

  • Work with specific groups who have experienced higher marginalisation due to overlapping social markers, and listen to how they’ve been economically impacted by the pandemic, and what they identify as the critical challenges
  • Prepare simple, timely financial information and resources that respond to participants’ selected priorities; and
  • Support participants to develop a message and directly communicate to government and service providers how these institutions can better support them.

For more information contact WIRE at support@wire.org.au

Project resources

You can find the project resources created by the COVID-19, Financial Capability and Intersectionality Project on this page.

At the resource launch, we brought together project participants and advisors to share what they observed during the pandemic, and how government and services can better adopt an intersectional approach to their policies and practices.

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