Better access for women, nonbinary and gender diverse people over 50

How accessible is your community organisation for people over 50? We’ve produced a booklet that shares our learnings on the journey towards for better access for women, nonbinary and gender diverse people over 50.

“I can’t see myself there. There is no one I can relate to” – Quote from older service user

Why is better access for older people important?

There is a rapidly increasing number of people over 50 asking for support through the community sector. Many older Australians report feeling overlooked, devalued and ignored as a result of poor interactions with service staff, a lack of products that cater to their needs, feeling like a burden to family and friends and lack of cultural representation.

Our society places many barriers in front of those who differ from the societal norms established by capitalist, colonial and patriarchal ideals of a cisgender, young heterosexual, capital-owning, able-bodied, white man. This information booklet is a starting point for unpacking these barriers.

An information booklet for community organisations

This booklet is a starting point for unpacking how these barriers get in the way of women, nonbinary and gender diverse people that are over the age of 50 engaging in your organisation and how you can start to make change towards justice and equity.

Download the booklet to get:

  • An explanation of our intersectional, feminist approach
  • A starting point on how to unpack barriers to justice and equity
  • Sample questions to ask when assessing your organisation
  • Tips for planning change towards better access


These tools are among those we use at WIRE to support processes and decision making. The framework and checklists cover organisational areas such as HR policy, board, communications and service delivery, and specific questions to consider to support access for women, nonbinary and gender diverse folk over 50.

Download the information booklet

You can download a copy of the Better Access for Women, Nonbinary and Gender Diverse People Over 50 information booklet.

Download the booklet now

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