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Donate to WIRE's fundraising appeal for the holiday season!

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#WIREthere4u - Will you be there for Victorian women?

Over 12,400 women contacted WIRE this year and we're there for them.

A message from WIRE’s CEO Julie Kun

Today, WIRE launches our major fundraising appeal, #WIREthere4u.  This year, we are aiming high and our fundraising target is $20,000. With your support, we think we can reach it.  

WIRE is here for all Victorian women, no matter their socio-economic status, cultural background or their gender identity. WIRE is here for women, no matter what their individual need is. We’re here for women. 

As part of the #WIREthere4u campaign I have been reflecting on the women that have been there for me in my life. There have been many, but immediately I thought of my mother. Through thick and thin my mother, Pat, has been there for me. Through falling in  and out of love, the birth and raising of a child and through the death of my brother and father she has been there as a listener, as an information giver and she has shared her life experience derived from years of wisdom.

I can remember after I broke up with my first serious love and went to my Mum’s house after a sleepless night. I knocked on the door and when my mother answered she was greeted by the weeping mess that was me. I don’t think I spoke that coherently but she listened and reminded me that I had what it took to get through it. I knew she was on my side and was there for me in my strong and also my weak moments. She didn’t have to do much; just knowing that she was there for me was more than enough.  

My mother has been an excellent role model. She’s a strong feminist that sees life through a gendered and social justice framework. Her determination to achieve and make a difference in people’s lives despite chronic disability and pain has been my inspiration to become a social worker and to take on roles such as being WIRE’s CEO.

Talking to WIRE made things clearer. Now I know where I’m at  - WIRE service user

Every woman deserves to have someone there for them but sadly this is not the case. And although I have been privileged with the support of family and friends throughout my life there have still been times when I have felt alone.  WIRE is there for any woman on any issue. There to listen, support and inform.  It doesn’t matter if you think your issue is too trivial or insurmountable - to WIRE, all issues are valid and you will always be welcome.

The phone call to WIRE was the most influential phone call of my life. They just listened to me and believed me straight away and pointed me in the right direction. It’s completely changed my life - WIRE service user

Through our Telephone Support Line, Women’s Information Centre and the AMICA Club, we listen to and support women every day.   Today, I am asking you to donate generously to #WIREthere4u, so we may continue to be there for all women.

Please support the thousands of women who need WIRE’s help. Your generous donation will also help us continue to research, educate and advocate around the effects of financial abuse and its significant impacts in the family violence picture.

Send your gift by December 20 and help us to support women to gather strength, become informed and make decisions towards a happier, safer life.

Thank you for choosing to support WIRE.

Julie Kun,

WIRE Chief Executive Officer


WIRE. Here for Victorian women since 1984. 


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