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WIRE says YES to Marriage Equality

WIRE CEO Julie Kun on why WIRE is saying YES to Marriage Equality.

Love is Love

Here's why WIRE Women's Information is voting YES on Marriage Equality.

A message from WIRE CEO, Julie Kun

As a feminist organisation WIRE does not want equality just for some women. We want and will advocate for equality for all women, including women that are same-sex attracted.     

Same sex couples having the right to marry is not about the institution of marriage, it is about overturning a discriminatory and harmful law that excludes same sex couples from equality - a right that many heterosexual Australians take for granted. It is about ensuring that all Australians enjoy the same freedoms, rights and opportunities.  That is why WIRE is asking all people to say Yes to same sex marriage.

WIRE works every day with women that experience disadvantage and violence because of their gender.  This includes women who experience multiple barriers to inclusion because of who they are. We see the barriers that LBGTIQ women experience – the homophobia and the transphobia that can be part of their daily lives. 

For 34 years WIRE has been providing women with information, support and advocacy. We are the only women’s service in Victoria that supports and informs any Victorian woman on any issue. To provide information and support to any woman means that we must work in such a way that acknowledges that not all women experience life the same way.  A woman’s race, colour, religion, socio-economic background, age, health, dis/ability, education and sexuality all impact their individual experience. In particular it affects the stereotypes and discrimination particular women will face, the judgments they experience and their access to opportunity and indeed access to basic human rights.  Too often those in power blame exclusion on the choices of individuals rather than a society that perpetuates exclusion in its structures and the culture and laws it creates.  But society is not an entity in its own right, it is made up of individuals like you and I and together we can make a difference.

Our marriage laws were amended in 2004 to prohibit same sex couples from getting married. A law created by individuals to discriminate against others must be overturned so that same sex attracted people can enjoy the same life choices and human rights as heterosexuals.  

What can you do to bring women one step closer to true equality?

  • Say YES to marriage equality
  • Tick YES on your plebiscite form and post it as soon as you receive it  (we all know how easy it is to lose little slips of paper)
  • Talk to your friends, family and work colleagues that support marriage equality and encourage them to participate in the plebiscite.   

If you are a member of the LBGTIQ communities, WIRE extends its support to you and acknowledges how hard it may be for you right now.  You may find ACON’s Staying Strong resource useful at this time.  As a heterosexual woman, I can’t imagine what it would feel like to have your right to marry in the hands of millions of people that don’t know you. 

WIRE also acknowledges the strength and resilience of the members of the LBGTIQ communities and stands with you all. Feel free to contact WIRE if you need to talk on 1300 134 130 or contact Switchboard, a telephone support service for the LBGTIQ+ communities

Yours sincerely,
Julie Kun

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