Volunteer support worker training

Our volunteer support workers are trained in WIRE’s unique strength-based service delivery model to give service users the space to explore their issues and form plans of action. Support workers are part of a team providing support, information and referrals to Victorian women, non-binary and gender diverse people.

Why volunteer at WIRE?

With more than 38 years’ experience, WIRE is Victoria’s leading free service organisation supporting women, non-binary and gender diverse people across Victoria on any issue.

Here at WIRE we recognise inequities that occur due to gendered structures. One way in which we seek redress to these inequities is by having a volunteer group of women, gender diverse and non-binary people who operate WIRE’s phone support line.

WIRE’s volunteer support worker training—open to women, non-binary and gender diverse people—includes interactive workshops and simulated practice exercises, as well as readings and written exercises. The program is designed to support trainees in examining their own belief systems and challenging their biases about our communities. Trainees are supported by the team using reflective practice and debriefed by experienced team leaders who help our volunteers continuously improve their knowledge, skills and confidence.

Selection process

If you’re a woman or a non-binary or gender diverse person aged over 21 and you’re interested in completing the Volunteer Support Worker training, you will need to:

  • Complete the expression of interest form below
  • Attend a 2-hour information session
  • Complete a group interview


If you are selected to be part of the training program, you will need to commit to:

  • 8 days group training (usually one Wednesday per week)
  • 2x two-hour observation shifts on the Phone Support Line
  • 2x three-hour evaluated shifts on the Phone Support Line
  • 5x four-hour probationary shifts
  • a one-hour mid-training interview
  • a one-hour end of probation interview*
  • and commit to one volunteer shift a fortnight over a minimum of 12 months.

* Not all people who complete the training will become WIRE support workers.

What you can expect when volunteering with us:

“My WIRE training was a rewarding experience for challenging my thinking about people seeking help and it provided me with a strength- based training that I use now in my work as a community services worker.”

“Through doing the WIRE training I learned to not make assumptions about people and the value of giving them choices to empower them.”

“I have learned so much more about myself since undertaking the WIRE training and working in the phone room with such a wonderful team of people from all sorts of backgrounds.”


$TBC — concession

$TBC — full-time students

$TBC— full price

Costs cover training resources and wages for our trainers.


Following the group interview, if you’re selected as a successful candidate for the training and fall into one of the following groups below, you can apply for one of WIRE’s scholarships. The scholarship process is easy and straightforward process with no extensive interviewing—we encourage you to apply if you’re eligible:

Aboriginal and Toress Strait Islander women or non-binary and gender diverse people

One free place is available in each training course for an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander woman, nonbinary or gender diverse person.

Trans, non-binary and gender diverse people

One free place is available in each training course for a trans, nonbinary or gender diverse person.

Women seeking asylum/newly arrived women or refugee women

One free place is available in each training course for a woman, nonbinary or gender diverse person who is seeking asylum, newly-arrived or a refugee. Women, nonbinary or gender diverse people from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds with strong spoken English language skills are encouraged to apply.

Women, non-binary and gender diverse people over 50

We created the Founding Mothers’ Scholarship in recognition of the inspirational work of the women who founded WIRE in 1984. One free place is available in each training course for a woman, nonbinary or gender diverse person over 50 who is currently looking for work or wanting to return to work.

For more information on scholarships, please email our Volunteer Training & Education Coordinator Vanessa Stathopoulos at training@wire.org.au.

Police record checks

WIRE is required by the DFFH to undertake a National Police Record Check on all trainees. If you have lived outside of Australia for more than 12 months in the last 10 years you will need to get an International Police Record Check at your own cost. Having a police record does not automatically mean that you can’t volunteer with us. You are welcome to discuss this with us when your are applying (training@wire.org.au).

Working with Children’s Check

You will also be required to get a Working With Children Check. This Check is free for volunteers and WIRE will provide you with information on how to get it.

Expressions of interest

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