Service Delivery Manager

About the role

The Service Delivery Manager is an exciting leadership, management and practice-lead role that enables you the incumbent to work directly with WIRE’s dedicated volunteers and staff to deliver vital services to Victorian women and gender non-binary and gender diverse people.

The Service Delivery Manager will be responsible for the management and oversight of the Walk-in Centre and the Telephone Support Line, which are the two major public-facing services WIRE provides to members of the community. The Centre and Support Line play a crucial role in WIRE’s impact in the community, shaping the research, programs and advocacy undertaken by WIRE and the identify of WIRE as an organisation.

Responsibilities and Duties of the role

Responsibility 1 –Be a service delivery practice lead within WIRE

To meet this responsibility the incumbent will;

  • Foster, promote and nurture an environment that enables collaborative feminist best practice to flourish in WIRE’s Telephone Support Line and Walk-in Centre,
  • Ensure service users receive high quality best practice information, support and referrals via the Walk-In Centre and Telephone Support Line.
  • Promote and develop, reflective, evidence-based practice models
  • Ensure volunteers and staff work in accordance to the WIRE service delivery model and maintain a consistent practice,
  • Work collaboratively with the training coordinator to ensure that best practice service deliver practice is incorporated into WIRE’s training

Responsibility 2 – Manage the Women’s Support Line and Walk-in Centre

The Telephone Support Line provides information, support and referral to any Victorian women and gender diverse and non- binary people on any issue. Supports are provided by phone, email and online webchat.

To meet this responsibility the incumbent will;

  • Provide supervision and support to Walk-in Centre staff
  • Coordinate community education sessions
  • Work closely with volunteers developing rapport and acting as a tangible link between volunteers and WIRE,
  • Provide a nurturing and welcoming workspace for volunteers by providing supervision, debriefing and support,
  • Work closely with the Training Coordinator to provide ongoing professional development to volunteers and to enable volunteer trainees to have a smooth transition into the Telephone Support Line as phone workers
  • Undertake team leader shifts when a team leader or other volunteer is not available to team lead.
  • Ensure the Telephone Support Line and Walk-in Centre meets its KPI’s for occasions of service
  • Take responsibility for work outcomes and assist others to understand and carry out their responsibilities

Responsibility 3 – Ensure compliance with OH&S, funding body KPI’s and quality improvement

To achieve this responsibility the incumbent must establish and maintain systems and practice which ensure compliance with Department of Health & Human Services Occupational Health & Safety and other legislation.

To meet this responsibility the incumbent will;

  • Report directly to the CEO
  • Manage services taking into account changing legislation and other emerging issues,
  • Create and maintain systems and policies to ensure a high quality and consistent response,
  • Establish and review systems to ensure compliance is met in a timely manner,
  • Identify problems early and initiate strategies to address these problems, and
  • Work collaboratively with the CEO to ensure that WIRE complies with its legislative and contractual obligations and maintains a positive and well respected reputation within the community and funders.
  • Maintain, and ensure your team maintain, a clean, hygienic and safe work area.
  • Be proactive in identifying and problem solving OHS matters, and nurture a culture of proactive OHS awareness in your team
  • Perform any other reasonable task as required.

About the organisation

WIRE is a leading service delivery organisation with more than 30 years’ experience supporting countless women, non-binary and gender-diverse people across Victoria. It is the only Victorian state-wide free service that provides information, support and referrals to any Victorian women, nonbinary and gender-diverse person on any issue.

Vision: A just and inclusive society where all people can thrive.

Values: WIRE is feminist, inclusive and bold. We strive for social justice, empowerment and integrity.

Mission: At WIRE we work with women, non-binary and gender-diverse people to address the issues they identify, assist them to make informed choices in their lives and advocate for structural change to bring about gender equity and social justice.

WIRE has a strong track-record of innovation in research, training and service delivery and addressing the multiple barriers women, non-binary and gender-diverse experience that contribute to their marginalisation.

WIRE supports all women, including non-binary and gender non-conforming people who identify as women. We are a committed feminist organisation that provides best-practice gender-informed service delivery, research and training and a non-stigmatising service delivery entry point for thousands of people every year.

We provide support through a Telephone Support Line, by email and online, as well as face-to-face at our Walk-in Centre located in West Melbourne. We also deliver a range of programs and services including job coaching, employment workshops, financial and legal clinic, lunch-time clubs and activities for those experiencing isolation and homelessness.

We undertake projects and provide education and resources to individuals, organisations and the community to build capacity and capability to counter gender bias, discrimination and family violence. This includes training products and programs focused on increasing women’s financial capability, addressing family violence, dealing with difficult calls and working more effectively with women.

We are a small organisation but our impact ripples throughout Victoria. With more than 60 active volunteers and 22 staff we provide services to women that changes lives. We are proud of who we are, the service we provide and what we have achieved.

How to apply for this role

To apply please email provide an up to date CV and letter addressing Key selection criteria to WIRE CEO Julie Kun at ceo@wire.org.au.

Please email Julie Kun on ceo@wire.org.au or call on 03 8326 7108 if you have any queries about the position.

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