Intersectional feminist leadership in practice (IWD 2021)

Thank you to the 180+ people who attended our panel event on International Women’s Day 2021. After the discussion on intersectional feminist leadership in practice we asked participants to put forward their intersectional feminist call-to-action. We’ve had a few so far and we’re sharing them on this page. Watch the panel below and then add your own. You can learn more about WIRE’s Intersectionality Action Plan project here.

Watch the panel

Your intersectional feminist call-to-action

  • “I think everyone’s default position should be to centre and uplift the voices of First Nations people and communities (not as an afterthought). Every day I’m finding myself angry at overt whiteness in society, media, etc. and don’t know what to do with that anger. My personal call to action is to find ways to channel this anger and frustration into something constructive.
  •  “I will tap the world outside the ‘system’ – will speak up, rally, show solidarity, be seen, heard…”
  • “As a white feminist I aim to be quiet and listen.”
  • “Abolishing carceral systems – in all their forms, we need to put the incarceration of women on the anti-violence agenda.”
  • “My biggest learning from this panel was the importance of taking the TIME to listen and understand others’ cultural contexts… I loved the speakers intros and reflected how we often rush through such intros in the name of efficiency in meetings and instead potentially just carry a lot of assumptions. I will allocate time in a meeting with new colleagues to introduce ourselves properly and give time to understanding cultural heritage, gender and other personal contexts.”
  • “An intersectional approach to addressing workplace sexual harassment and gendered violence.”
  • “Broadening conversations and awareness around intersectionality, opening up conversations about my personal and unique experience as an intersectional feminist in comparison to and to disrupt mainstream white feminism as the default experience of women.”
  • “Do the work.”

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