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Young people using violence in the home

Mothers often blame themselves for their children’s behaviour. They may even feel their children are punishing them for being a bad mother. This can leave mothers feeling like failures, and feeling they can't manage the situation. However, young people may behave violently for a variety of reasons. Whatever the reason, behaving violently or abusively is not healthy or respectful. Young people must be responsible for their own behaviour and actions.

You and your family are entitled to be respected and to live in safety.

This WIRE information booklet provides:

  • risk factors for abusive behaviour
  • tips on identifying abusive behaviour
  • how to deal with those behaviours
  • protecting yourself and your children
  • where to get further support for both you and your children.

Kindly funded by the City of Melbourne.

WIRE disclaimerThis publication is intended as a guide only.WIRE expressly disclaims any liability to any person that relies on the contents of this publication.

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