We need more volunteers to support our Victorian community in lockdown. Will you help us?

As Victoria experiences lockdown restrictions again, we know that many are feeling that familiar anxiety, tension and uncertainty resurface from last year’s experience. But some are more affected than others, including women, non-binary and gender diverse people.

There are people in our community experiencing homelessness, isolation, family violence and poverty — sometimes all at once—who are among the worst hit by COVID-19 restrictions. For many victim-survivors of family violence, lockdowns exacerbate their experiences, especially if they’re sharing a home with the person causing them harm. Please remember you are allowed to leave your home to avoid violence and seek safety and support.

“Many of our callers are cornered into harmful situations during lockdowns. The end of JobKeeper has also increased housing stress and financial instability.” – WIRE volunteer.

Different intersections and forms of family violence are intensified in lockdown conditions—for example, financial abuse of ageing parents and gender diverse people living with a disability and experiencing a relationship breakdown. In lockdowns, victim-survivors are also less likely to have access to support as these services are under-resourced and become overwhelmed in state-wide crises. This coupled with the end of Australia’s JobKeeper support payments has also led to increasing housing and financial instability.

Our communities continue to be resilient and resourceful throughout the pandemic

At WIRE, we’ve listened to the resilient women, non-binary and gender diverse people who navigated their experiences of marginalisation during the Victorian lockdowns with incredible strength, bravery and resourcefulness—despite the lack of support from the systems that are meant to protect them.


“During the COVID lockdowns, I’ve witnessed incredible resilience and resourcefulness from our callers as they overcome extremely difficult challenges to protect themselves and their children.” – WIRE volunteer.


But more and more victim-survivors are still reaching out to WIRE for support, especially now. As the only Victorian service that provides support on any issue, we hold space for women, non-binary and gender diverse people to explore their options and find their own solutions—after all, they are the experts in their own lives.


Volunteers are key to WIRE’s service. We ask the community to support them in doing this important and urgent work.


WIRE volunteers are specially trained in WIRE’s unique strength-based service delivery model so they can provide individual support, information and referrals to people experiencing family violence and relationship breakdowns. Our volunteers are highly compassionate and versatile to effectively manage the unpredictable conditions of the pandemic.

Your donation will help us put more trained volunteers in our phone room to support women, nonbinary and gender diverse people experiencing family violence and relationship breakdowns. It will also provide more online communication services to support service users during the Victorian lockdown.

We’re aiming for $25,000* to put more trained volunteers on our phone line and in our Walk-In-Centre to continue supporting our communities.

Can you make a tax-deductible donation of $25 now to help us reach our goal?

EOFY is approaching. Make any donation over $2 and you can claim the full amount as a tax deduction.


Need support?

We know that COVID-19 has caused and worsened financial hardship and other issues for many people. If you are not in a position to donate and need support, call (1300 134 130), email (support@wire.org.au) or contact us via web chat (www.wire.org.au). We’re here to listen.

*We need $25,000 in community donations. To put our plan in place we will also need additional donations from partner organisations.

This is a Victorian campaign and donations over $2 are tax deductible. Our legal name: Women’s Information & Referral Exchange Inc. Our ABN: 98 957 157 895. Our Association’s Incorporated Number: A0000122S. Our Vic Fundraising Registration License is: FR0012196

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