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Looking past a housing crisis

How to avoid having to face a housing crisis again

WIRE's information booklet: Finding your next home - looking past a housing crisis helps you look to your future home – and how to avoid having to face a housing crisis again. 

It will help you:

  • understand the long-term housing options available in Victoria; and
  • guide you in the processes involved in getting long-term housing for yourself and your family.

WIRE’s housing resources aim to help Victorian women understand and better navigate the housing system. They come in two handy booklets (each A5, 32 pages).

The first booklet: Dealing with a housing crisis—needing help right now! is for you if you find yourself in crisis, with either no housing or facing the risk that you will very soon become homeless.

WIRE’s housing resources aim to help women in Victoria understand and better navigate the housing system, and come in two handy booklets (each A5, 32 pages each).

Acknowledgements & references

WIRE thanks the City of Melbourne and the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation for helping to fund this project. WIRE also thanks all WIRE Housing Guide Appeal 2012 donors for their contributions towards funding this project.

WIRE gratefully acknowledges all others who contributed towards the development and printing of these housing information booklets including Victorian Women’s Housing Association, Jessica Hunter, Chris Black, Kate Hawkins, Lin Tobias and Lorna Hendry.

For details on information sources used in the content development of WIRE’s housing information booklets, please see References.*

Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to ensure the information contained in these housing information booklets are accurate and current at the time of printing—January 2013. However, no responsibility will be taken for the accuracy or reliability of the information, or for any loss that may arise from errors, omissions, or changes to government policy or the law.

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