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Join WIRE's Board of Governance -Treasurer

WIRE is seeking an experienced Treasurer to guide the strategic financial direction of the organisation.

To be considered as the candidate for the role of Treasurer, you will have:

  • experience in the application of financial management principles in not-for-profit or government sectors
  • appropriate qualifications e.g. CPA, CA
  • demonstrated commitment to women's empowerment

The position is open to people who identify as female (WIRE has an exemption under the Equal Opportunity Act).

Applications close 28 February 2018.


Position description - Board Treasurer


  • Ensure that the Board and the CEO maintain the degree of financial literacy necessary for strategic governance of the organisation
  • Advise the Board and the CEO on matters of finance
  • Ensure that appropriate financial policies and procedures are in place and fully documented


  • In partnership with the CEO, Finance Coordinator and Chair, develop a projected budget each financial year for approval by the Board


  • Report to the Board and the CEO at each meeting on the financial situation of the organisation
  • Act as Chair for the Finance, Audit and Risk Committee
  • Report to the Board and the CEO at each meeting on significant variances from the approved budget
  • With the Secretary, the Chair and the CEO, place any necessary financial items on the Board agenda in advance of the meeting
  • Report to the Annual General Meeting on the financial situation of the organisation

Administrative & Management:

  • Ensure an appropriately qualified Auditor is appointed according to WIRE's Constitution
  • In collaboration with the CEO, ensure the organisation's financial records are adequate, protected, backed up and accessible


  • Ensure the organisation's financial control procedures are adequate and that appropriate safeguards against fraud are in place
  • Ensure that financial risk management strategies (including appropriate insurances) are in place
  • Oversee the organisation's investment strategy and report to the Board
  • Through the Finance, Audit and Risk Committee, review income and expenditure against the budget on a monthly basis


  • Ensure the organisation's compliance with all applicable legal obligations

Other duties:

As for General Board members.

A General Member has a fiduciary duty to the organisation and is responsible for:

  • financial management
  • setting good governance policy
  • setting and monitoring strategic direction
  • determining new areas of development
  • ensuring that legal obligations are complied with 
  • ensuring the organisation is well managed and that relevant regulations (e.g. OH&S) are abided by

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