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Everyone deserves somewhere to call home, enough to eat, and someone to call on in times of need. When we feel isolated, a friend to reach out to can make all the difference.

AMICA is a lunch-time program run by WIRE to support people experiencing isolation and homelessness — the word means ‘friend’ in Italian. AMICA makes an incredible difference to the lives of the women, nonbinary and gender-diverse people who use the program.

Right now, there aren’t enough funds secured to ensure AMICA can continue to operate for another year.

Every $25 we raise covers lunch and an excursion or activity for one participant — like yoga classes, excursions and art therapy. Will you help us raise $90,000 by June 30 to keep the program going for another year?

How can you help?

We’re asking you to fundraise with us and share in the AMICA experience: have a picnic or run a lunch-time activity, arrange a work gathering or simply get to together with your friends for a lunch-time conversation.

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You’ll have a great time, experience the transformative power of community and connection and raise funds for the AMICA program. At the same time, you will increase awareness of the homelessness and isolation faced by many women, nonbinary and gender-diverse members of the community.

As a Crowdraiser, we will support your fundraising with materials to help you start off. This includes a copy of ‘Home is where the Art Is’, a compilation of artwork and pieces from AMICA users sharing stories of their journey.

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Become a crowdraiser today

Share the transformative power of community and connection and raise funds at the same time. We'll supply everything you need for your AMICA experience.

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AMICA really works: Tam’s story

My name is Tam*. Four years ago, I had to leave my family home because of financial abuse from my husband who forced me out of our home.

At first, I went back home to Vietnam but my children were in Australia so I had to come back. I found a shared room near the city. I was very sad and I felt very alone. I had no relatives here to help me and I lost my job. I thought there was no hope for a long time.

The AMICA program helped me a lot at a very difficult time. At AMICA, I made new friends, and I had something to do. There were picnics and activities like yoga, art therapy, excursions to the Immigration museum and even a Valentine’s Day party. Without AMICA, I would have just sat in my room.

Anna, the lovely woman who runs AMICA, suggested I take part in their job coaching workshops. And that really changed everything. They helped me write my resume and now I have a job as a retail assistant. Life still has its ups and downs — doesn’t everyone’s? — but after some obstacles, I’m more confident and I’m stronger. I know that whatever happens, I can talk to someone at WIRE and they’ll support me to work through my options so I can make the decision that’s right for me.

I know from experience that AMICA changes lives. It changed mine.


* Name has been changed for privacy reasons

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