Online only September 30 1:30 – 3:00pm

Money and relationships: a conversation with Supriya Singh

Join WIRE for a conversation with author and sociologist Supriya Singh about money and relationships.


Since the 1990s, Supriya Singh has been working in the sociology of money, with a powerful focus on gender and culture.

Supriya’s work is grounded in culture, identity and lived experience. Her book “Domestic Economic Abuse: The Violence of Money” shows how the very different stories of 12 Anglo-Celtic and Indian women in Australia speak to power, control and financial abuse.

In this free information seminar, we invite you to hear from Supriya about her book and explanations of financial abuse. We will then welcome you to talk about money and relationships with us and to learn from your own and others’ experiences.

To find more about Supriya, her work and her publications, you can visit the following link: www.supriyasingh.org

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