WIRE Women's Information November 8 9:30am – 5:00pm

Part I and II: Recognising Financial Abuse & Building Financial Capability

This is a combination of the two training workshops: “Part 1: Recognising Financial Abuse” and “Part 2: Building Financial Capability”

This full-day interactive workshop is targeted at family violence practitioners and community services professionals across sectors that are non-family violence specialists (e.g. alcohol and other drugs, health, housing, culturally and linguistically diverse, migrant and asylum-seeking).

It is made up of two four-hour workshops. There will be a lunch break in between.

Part 1: Recognising Financial Abuse

You’ll learn:

Part 2: Building Financial Capability

You’ll learn:

You can also attend each half-day workshop separately.

More on “Part 1: Recognising Financial Abuse”

More on “Part 2: Building Financial Capability”


WIRE Women’s information is accessible to wheelchair users and those with other mobility challenges. If you have any other access requirements please contact us and we will make adjustments as best we can.

For any further information please contact Nilmini Fernando at nfernando@wire.org.au

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