A story about bravery: How Delia escaped a violent partner

One afternoon we received a call from a woman asking if we could help her find a low cost baby car seat.

Delia* had just moved into her parent’s house after leaving a violent partner.

Her mum had organised a mover while Delia’s partner was at work. Without the help of police, Delia’s parents moved all of her belongings, including the car seat Delia uses to drive her baby to child care.

Delia’s partner breached the intervention order against him when he turned up at Delia’s parent’s house. He made threats. He demanded the car seat and other items back.

Delia and her mother understood what they needed to do to stop his frightening behaviour: they didn’t resist and gave the car seat and other items back. They called the police and reported that Delia’s partner had breached the intervention order. They knew Delia’s partner respected her father, so they they sent her father to speak with him.

But Delia still needed a car seat for her baby. Delia and her mum tried all the low cost places they knew — like local op shops and support services — but because Victoria was in the midst of COVID-19 lockdown none of those places were any help.

After exhausting all other avenues, they called WIRE. WIRE provides support, referral and information about any issue facing women, nonbinary and gender diverse people. We know life’s problems don’t fit into one neat box, and we don’t try to make our service users squeeze into rigid eligibility criteria.

We connected Delia’s family to another support service that we know had provided this kind of assistance before. Delia was worried that if she called a family violence service her daughter might be taken away, so we gave her information about how to access support and family violence services in ways that feel safer for her and her family.

We know that navigating support services can be difficult and frightening for someone in a position as dangerous as Delia’s. We provide women like Delia with support on how to be an advocate for themselves and access support in a way that works for them.

Last year we provided individualised support, information and referrals to 5,944 women, nonbinary and gender diverse people. As Victoria eases out of lockdown we will see a surge in requests for support from people like Delia and her family. We want to be there to support every person who bravely reaches out, but we need help.

Extra support workers and trained volunteers could help us meet increased need.

We need $25,000* to put more support workers and trained volunteers on our phone line and in our drop in centre in response to COVID-19.

Will you make a tax deductible donation of $25 now to help us reach our goal?

EOFY is approaching. Make any donation over $2 and you can claim the full amount as a tax deduction.

Need support?

We know that COVID-19 has caused and worsened financial hardship and other issues for many people. If you are not in a position to donate and need support, call (1300 134 130), email (support@wire.org.au) or contact us via web chat (www.wire.org.au). We are here to listen.

*Images, names and some details have been changed to protect the confidentiality and anonymity of our service users.
*We need $25,000 in community donations. To put our plan in place we will also need additional donations from partner organisations.

This is a Victorian campaign. Donations are tax deductible if made by Victorian residents only. Our legal name: Women’s Information & Referral Exchange Inc. Our ABN: 98 957 157 895. Our Association’s Incorporated Number: A0000122S. Our Vic Fundraising Registration License is: FR0012196


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