Business Manager

WIRE is seeking a Business Manager

Do you want to work at a leading and cutting-edge feminist organisation?

Do love creating and maintaining systems and processes that enable organisations to reach their vision?

Do you want to be part of a growing organisation that everyday supports women, nonbinary and gender-diverse people so that they can reach their goals?

If you answered Yes yes and YES this job could be for you.

WIRE has grown significantly in the past two years. As a result, the finance, administration, compliance and continuous improvement support needs for the organisation have grown significantly.

The Business Manager will work with and support the CEO, management team, Finance and Administration Coordinator and the Board of Management to ensure that WIRE’s finances, administration and quality improvement processes enable sustainable and strategic growth of the organisation. This includes ensuring WIRE has:

  • sound financial management processes and reporting systems that are compliant with Australian Accounting Standards & Auditing Standards
  • strong administrative processes that can adapt and evolve with a growing WIRE
  • robust quality improvement and policy and procedures to support staff and manage workplace issues
  • efficient and effective reporting process to support the CEO and Board in operational and strategic decision-making.
  • strong processes to support WIRE’s auditing, governance and compliance obligations and
  • robust risk processes that are systematically reviewed

About WIRE

WIRE is a leading service delivery organisation with more than 30 years’ experience supporting countless women, nonbinary and gender-diverse people across Victoria. It is the only Victorian state-wide free service that provides information, support and referrals to any Victorian women, nonbinary and gender-diverse person on any issue.

Vision: A just and inclusive society where all people can thrive.

Values: WIRE is feminist, inclusive and bold. We strive for social justice, empowerment and integrity.

Mission: At WIRE we work with women, non-binary and gender-diverse people to address the issues they identify, assist them to make informed choices in their lives and advocate for structural change to bring about gender equity and social justice.

WIRE has a strong track-record of innovation in research, training and service delivery and addressing the multiple barriers women, non-binary and gender-diverse people experience that contribute to their marginalisation.

WIRE supports all women, including nonbinary and gender non-conforming people We are a committed feminist organisation that provides best-practice gender-informed service delivery, research and training and a non-stigmatising service delivery entry point for thousands of people every year.

We provide support through a Telephone Support Line, by email and online, as well as face-to-face at our Walk-in Centre located in West Melbourne. We also deliver a range of programs and services including job coaching, employment workshops, financial and legal clinic, lunch-time clubs and activities for those experiencing isolation and homelessness.

We undertake projects and provide education and resources to individuals, organisations and the community to build capacity and capability to counter gender bias, discrimination and family violence. This includes training products and programs focused on increasing women’s financial capability, addressing family violence, dealing with difficult calls and working more effectively with women.

We are a small organisation but our impact ripples throughout Victoria. With more than 60 active volunteers and 22 staff, we provide services to Victorians that changes lives. We are proud of who we are, the service we provide and what we have achieved.

Position description

This position is 22.5 hours a week, Part-time fixed term. The position description describes the role, the key selection criteria and the award classification for this role.

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How to apply

Please send your responses to the key selection criteria and your CV to Julie Kun WIRE CEO via email ceo@wire.org.au, using the subject line: Business Manager.

For any queries please contact Julie on 8326 7108 or ceo@wire.org.au.

Applications close 9am, Monday 9th March.

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