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Become a support line volunteer

Play an important part in helping us to support, inform and empower other women in Victoria.

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Are you:

  • passionate about supporting and empowering women?
  • at least 21, open minded with great communication skills?
  • available to volunteer four-hours per week during business hours for a year or longer?
  • want to learn more about issues affecting women today?
  • a worker who helps women with issues like family violence, sexual assault, housing and family law? Or would you like to be?

If you’ve answered YES to all the above, call 1300 134 130 for an information brochure and to attend our next information session in early 2019.

Our Telephone Support Line Volunteers are trained to give women callers the space to explore their issues and form plans of action. This ensures that we continue to provide women with high quality support, information and referrals.

WIRE embraces diversity in its training program. We welcome women from all backgrounds and experiences, including women who are from a culturally and linguistically diverse background, women of all genders and sexualities, Aboriginal women, women with disabilities, sex workers,  and older women.

WIRE runs this program twice a year in February and September. WIRE’s next Support Line Training Program starts in 2019. We invite interested women to register to attend our volunteer information sessions. All interested trainees must attend orientation and group interview sessions. 

Scroll down for Scholarship information for:

  • Aboriginal women
  • women seeking asylum/newly-arrived women/women seeking refugee status
  • Women over 50 and
  • Community Workers.   

Telephone Support Worker Training information sessions   

By training and working with volunteers, we

  • Stay in touch with issues affecting the community of women we serve
  • Remain approachable and accessible to women
  • Recognise and celebrate volunteering as an important pathway to paid work

Our women volunteers say working at WIRE is an immensely satisfying, stimulating and enriching experience. Many also find that their experience with us leads them to employment and sought-after places in higher education courses.

Call 1300 134 130 for an information pack and to register for our next information session.

Program content

WIRE uses our own well-developed feminist model for training women in the skills of listening, supporting and empowering women. We also explore issues that women commonly call us about, such as family violence and family law, and place them into a broader social context.

We encourage our trainees to examine their own beliefs about gender equality and to consider how gender inequality impacts on the problems women face in our society.

Training process

Training is very interactive and involves workshops and simulated practice exercises, as well as readings and some written exercises. As part of WIRE’s course, trainees are also required to complete on-the-job training on the Women’s Support Line.

Trainees are supported by the team using reflective practice and debriefed by experienced team leaders who help our volunteers continuously improve their knowledge, skills and confidence.


Trainees must complete:

  • 9 days group training (usually one full day per week)
  • 2 x two-hour observation shifts on the Women’s Support Line
  • 2 x three-hour evaluated shifts on the Women’s Support Line
  • 5 x four-hour probationary shifts
  • a one-hour mid-training interview
  • a one-hour end of probation interview*

* Not all women who complete the training will become a WIRE support worker.


  • $490— full price
  • $380— full-time students
  • $270— concession
  • $655— professional

Scholarships for women

WIRE offers 3 scholarships for each intake to Support Worker training. These are available to Aboriginal women, women asylum seekers/newly-arrived women/refugees and for women over 50. 

Aboriginal Women

One free place is available in each training course for an Aboriginal woman.

Women seeking asylum/newly arrived women or refugee women

One free place is available in each training course for a woman seeking asylum, newly-arrived or refugee woman. Women from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds with strong spoken English language skills are encouraged to apply. 

Women over 50

In recognition of the inspirational work of the women who founded WIRE in 1984, we created the Founding Mothers’ Scholarship. One free place will be available in each training course for a woman over 50 who is currently seeking work or wanting to return to work.

For more information on scholarships, please email our Education and Training Coordinator Libby Jamieson at

Professional development

WIRE allocates up to three positions in each program for people working in the community sector who would like to develop their women-sensitive practice skills but do not have the time to be WIRE  volunteers.

Taking up a non-volunteer position involves going through the normal selection and training process, plus the successful completion of five probationary shifts to complete the training program.

The professional training fee is $655. For more information please email our Training Coordinator at

Police record checks

WIRE is required by law to perform a National Police Record Check on all trainees; if you have lived outside of Australia for more than 12 months in the last 10 years, you will be required to get an International Police Record Check at your own cost. However, having a police record does not automatically exclude you from volunteering with us.

Alternate ways to support WIRE

You can also support WIRE by becoming a member or making a donation.

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