Foundations for a fantastic future

It’s hard to change culture and systems without a solid foundation. That’s why the goal that underlies everything else in our strategic plan is to build a strong, sustainable, capable organisation for Victorians, where we support our staff and volunteers with resources and structures that enable all of us to shine. Will you donate today to support WIRE’s foundations?

To support our information centre, telephone support workers, research, training and gender equity work, we need organisational infrastructure: from making sure the mail gets sent out on time, and that cupboards are stocked, to communicating to the community, to ensuring our computers are all functioning and staff and volunteers have people to support them as they do the hard work of being change agents at the individual, cultural and systems level.

WIRE is growing so we need to extend some part-time roles into full-time roles and bring some contract roles in-house. All together, we need around $80,000 to cement the stable, sustainable workplace we need for our front-line teams to do their jobs: supporting all of the Victorian women, nonbinary and gender-diverse people who come to us in moments of crisis.

Every little bit helps!

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