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Board Treasurer role at WIRE

WIRE is currently seeking a Board Treasurer to join WIRE’s voluntary Board of Governance.

WIRE is governed by a voluntary board. Women on our board come from diverse backgrounds and bring a wide range of skills and experience to the governance of WIRE. The board meets once a month on Tuesday nights at our West Melbourne office.

Duty statement for Board Treasurer role

Please find below the duty statement for the Board Treasurer role:


  • Ensure that the Board and the CEO maintains the degree of financial literacy necessary to conduct the  Strategic of the organisation
  • Advise the Board and the CEO on matters of finance
  • Ensure that appropriate financial policies and procedures are in place and fully documented


  • In partnership with the CEO, Finance Coordinator and Chair develop a projected budget each financial year for approval by the Board.


  • Report to the Board and the CEO at each meeting on the financial situation of the organisation
  • Report to the Board and the CEO at each meeting on variances from the approved budget
  • With the Secretary, the Chair and the CEO, place any necessary financial items on the Board agenda in advance of the meeting
  • Report to the Annual General Meeting on the financial situation of the organisation

Administrative & Management

  • Ensure an appropriately qualified Auditor is appointed annually according to WIRE’s constitution.
    In collaboration with the CEO ensure the organisation’s financial records are adequate, protected, backed up, and accessible.


  • Ensure the organisation’s financial control procedures are adequate and that appropriate safeguards against fraud are in place
  • Ensure that financial risk management strategies (including appropriate insurances) are in place
  • Oversee the organisation’s investment strategy and report to the Board
  • Review income and expenditure against the budget on a continuous basis.


  • Ensure the organisation’s compliance with all applicable tax arrangements

Other duties

  • As for Board members


To find out more, please call Samiro Douglas on (03) 9348 9416 (Option 7) or email her at

You can apply to serve on our board in one of two ways:

  1. Email: Download and read the information on the Board Member Application Form 2013. Email the completed form (and attach your CV as a Word document or PDF file) to CEO Samiro Douglas at OR
  2. Postal: Print and fill in this Board Member Application Form 2013. Mail your completed form together with a copy of your CV to CEO Samiro Douglas, WIRE Women’s Information, 372 Spencer Street, West Melbourne 3003
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