Free information, support and referrals for women

Small change can make a big difference to women’s lives!

WIRE’s 100 new fundraising boxes are looking for homes. Will you help adopt one? In just 20 minutes, you can help raise funds to provide Victorian women much-needed services and programs!

Make a real difference to women’s lives in just 20 minutes in 3 easy steps:

  • 10 minutes to visit your local hairdresser, café, sports club or favourite shop and ask if they will put a WIRE donation box on their counter
  • 5 minutes to email us the shop’s contact details and drop off a donation box
  • 5 minutes to drop by your chosen shop every 2 months to collect the money or even just call them to remind them to deposit donations directly into WIRE’s bank account.

It is that simple, and 20 minutes of your time will make such a difference!

If each one of WIRE’s 100 boxes collects just a $2 dollars week (less than 30 cents a day!), WIRE will raise over $10,000! That’s money that can be spent providing Victorian women with vital services and programs that will not only support, but also empower women. Women will be able to make choices to reach their full potential and achieve their goals, such as rebuilding their lives after family violence, or starting a new career.

Want to make a real difference?

Then email Kate Whiting or call 9348 9416 (option 6).

Thank you on behalf of all Victorian women!

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