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Media Release: No excuses for family violence or murder. (5/3/14)

Media release: 5 March 2014

“This International Women’s Day, let’s be reminded that no woman or child should be treated as disposable property.

“We must hold men to account for their acts of violence and abuse against women and children, instead of making excuses.”

Julie Kun, Business Development Manager, WIRE Women’s Information

Too many men believe that they’re entitled to punish and even kill those that love them in order to keep control and get what they want.

This International Women’s Day, let us all be reminded that no woman or child should be treated as disposable property – respect for women and children must start at home and in our institutions such as schools and workplaces. Let’s hold all perpetrators of family violence to account. Let us all (including the media) stop making excuses for why some men maim, injure and even kill the women and children in their lives.

Family violence is about power and control. In Australia one in three women will have experienced violence and most likely in their home[i]. In Australia a woman is murdered every week by her partner or ex-partner[ii].

Some men’s belief that women and children are their property to control explains why a father kills; fear of losing contact with a child and mental illness does not. In January this year, four-year old Eeva Dorendahl-Hutchings was murdered by her father. This murder was explained as being triggered by the father’s fear of losing contact with Eeva when he discovered Eeva had a passport. Likewise losing contact with his son and mental illness have been used to explain why Greg Anderson killed his son last month.

Most people with a mental illness are not violent and if they are, that violence usually involves self-harm. According to media reports, Anderson had a long history of family violence and he made repeated threats to kill Luke and his mother, threats that the police took seriously.

As David Penberthy pointed out (The Advertiser, 22/2/14), excuses given of fathers being ‘pushed to the edge’ seek to ‘rationalise, explain or even flat out forgive acts of such barbarity that they make any normal person feel physically sick’.

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[i] 2012 ABS Statistics

[ii]Victorian Police Crime Statistics, 2009-2010

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