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Finance is an important issue for women, whether you are working, at home with the children or going through a separation. Being informed and knowing where to access relevant information is an important first step.

Money problems with your partner? Dealing with financial abuse 

Many people think of family violence as physical injury or emotional abuse. However, withholding money, controlling all the household spending or refusing to include you in financial decisions is often part of family violence and is called economic or financial abuse.

Women from all socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds with or without children can experience financial abuse. Controlling the money is a common aspect of family violence, and can happen to any woman regardless of her financial ability or knowledge.

Money problems with your partner? Dealing with financial abuse Info Booklet PDF (297 KB)

Women, money & debt

If you are worried about managing your credit card or mobile phone debts, would like to get financial counselling help or would like to learn ways to improve your financial security, this information sheet will help address those concerns while giving you practical tips and links to other support services.

Women Money and Debt Info Sheet (Word doc)

A woman’s guide to surviving the money jungle

A simple and creative 10-step guide to being smart about your money. This brochure provides information on how to learn about money and the financial jungle and the help you have access to.

Guide to Surviving Money Jungle Foldout (765 KB)


When gambling becomes a problem, it puts strain on the family relationships and finances. Women gamble for a variety of reasons, but it is important to know that there is support and free specialist services to help get out of gambling. Whether it is you or someone close to you who has a gambling problem, here are some practical steps on how to control gambling.

Gambling Info Sheet (Word doc)

Who’s Playing Who? Brochure (834 KB)
The Problem with the Pokies Brochure (672 KB)

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