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There may be a time in a woman’s life when having access to legal information is crucial. But, where do you go? How costly will it be? How can you prepare yourself for a visit to a lawyer?

Getting legal advice

Legal matters are often complex and time-consuming and can drain your energy and money. Legal advice however, does not have to come at a great expense and there are low-cost legal services provided by organisations such Legal Aid, which can save you the stress.

There are also other legal paths that do not involve seeking a certified lawyer or going to court. When dealing with a lawyer it is essential to be prepared, know what to expect from them and to know your rights.

Leaving a relationship

Separation and property

Money problems with your partner? Dealing with financial abuse

Many people think of family violence as physical injury or emotional abuse. However, withholding money, controlling all the household spending or refusing to include you in financial decisions is often part of family violence and is called economic or financial abuse.

Women from all socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds with or without children can experience financial abuse. Controlling the money is a common aspect of family violence, and can happen to any woman regardless of her financial ability or knowledge.

Money problems with your partner? Dealing with financial abuse Info Booklet PDF (297 KB)

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